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Welcome to Starshot’s Budget Estimator Tool for corporate events.

This tool is designed for corporate brand marketers and event professionals looking to provide realistic budget expectations to a client or key stakeholder prior to diving into a formal budgeting process.

QUICKLY answer the question, “Hey, what would it cost if we were to…?”

Not only will this tool save endless hours of preliminary budget estimating but it will direct more strategic conversations toward the purpose of the event and appropriate investment. How many times have you delivered a preliminary budget estimate only to be met with, “Wow, we don’t have that much budget available”, or “we still need to do it all but for a lot less”? This tool will sanity check your available budget and hopefully set you up for success…OR provide the insights needed to kill the event!

Note: Results take in to account amortized cost efficiencies across tours and multi day events but DOES NOT include T&E, marketing, design, sponsorship, travel, event management or hotel blocks.

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